An observation on societys being more concerned with the regulations in the people versus larry flin

December 06,

An observation on societys being more concerned with the regulations in the people versus larry flin

An observation on societys being more concerned with the regulations in the people versus larry flin

Sharon Carstairs Chair in the Chair. Honourable senators, we are back for our afternoon session. We have a number of witnesses who will be appearing this afternoon.

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Our first group represents sports organizations. We will ask Mr. Scrimshaw to begin the presentation. Honourable senators, thank you for this opportunity to speak on the subject of Bill C and to present what I hope you will agree is a responsible and reasonable request for a very specific amendment.

I have two teenage boys, aged 13 and I share the government's goal to curtail tobacco consumption by under-age Canadians.

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I am not here to argue the merits of the proposed legislation because we believe that Minister Dingwall and his officials created this bill with the good health of Canadians as their only objective; nor do we have an intent to lessen the impact of the bill through our amendment.

Our request to you is straightforward -- that the Senate pass an amendment that both supports the government's goal and that allows Canadians from coast to coast to continue to enjoy one of the most popular adult sporting events this country has known. Specifically, we propose an amendment to clause 18 2 that would redefine the definition of "promotion.

This part does not apply to d the equipment and clothing of competitors and participants used in an international motorsport race that is part of a series in which over 75 per cent of the races are held outside of Canada.


Minister Dingwall has stated that Bill C is only a health bill, but the reality is this bill goes much further. It may be the most significant piece of sports legislation ever presented to Parliament.

It has been marketed as an instrument designed to restrict tobacco promotion in Canada. The ministry has stated time and again that Bill C controls not prohibits tobacco sponsorship.

However, when applied to international motor sport, Bill C is a total sponsorship ban, an absolute prohibition. It states in part: The letter is signed by Andrew Craig.

An observation on societys being more concerned with the regulations in the people versus larry flin

Based on this official notification, I regret to announce today to all Canadians that without an amendment to the legislation, the final running of the Molson Indy Vancouver will take place on Labour Day weekend this year.

The Molson Indy in Toronto will disappear after July The ethnographic observation of cultural differences raised the question of the naturalness versus the conventionality of human custom and the existence of universally valid legal and moral regulations, a peculiarly anthropological philosophical problem.

Sep 13,  · Still, more than a year later, over , families remain without permanent shelter, according to aid group Oxfam, and more than a million people need food assistance.

UK Regulations 2. MORAL AND ETHICAL CONCERNS 5 - 6 Ethics, Morality and Animal Biotechnology ETHICS MOR ANIMAL 29/9/00 pm Page 2. more about their function and regulation. Genetic modification can be used to knock out the activity of a particular correlating. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has gained more interest in the past decade, however it is not a new idea; it dates back to the s, said Eric Orts of the University of Pennsylvania.

Just before World War II, German industrialist Walter Rathenau claimed that business corporations had become. Jan 23,  · “Lest the people conclude that members of the august halls of Congress are more concerned with their electoral kitty than the welfare of our aging countrymen,” he said.

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