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The song list of the day will tell you that this was indeed a unique performance with a sound mix that favors the talented lead guitar player at the time. This title originally released by VGP with different cover and inlay artwork on silver CD's see below. At least two other releases have been put out on CD of this performance: Good to Very Good Audience.

Cheap rolling papers canada

How about saving some money on your favorite herbal smoking blends in a package deal? We put together some Legal Buds, Herbal Cheap rolling papers canada and Herbal Incense combo packs that are great for your own use or with a group of friends.

Combo packs are great for saving money and also this way you have a variety of products to choose from and a better overall experience. Some of them are legal—tobacco, herbal smoke—some of them are not: Like cannabisHerbal Smoking Blends still have yet to have any negative health effects proven in any clinical trials or studies, or even to have one single death attributed to overuse.

Regardless of what your personal opinion may be about these smoking alternatives, the fact is that for most people knowing that buying marijuana is still illegal is enough to keep them from trying it.

For that reason alone, plenty of folks would be willing to try the new herbal smoking alternatives. They are totally legal and drug-test safe.

And there are other reasons to try our legal herbal smoke alternatives, too; some folks who are trying to kick the nicotine habit find them helpful to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

But mostly people who want to kick back, relax, and enjoy a little smoking high after work are making lots of noise about smoking herbal incense.


It's been compared to marijuana by a lot of people, even gone so far as to be called legal pot or legal weed by some, by it's not really a substitute for marijuana. That's because the aroma and appearance can sometimes be similar to marijuana, and even the high experienced by the smoker can be close to the high produced by cannabis.

But, it's best just to think of it as one of many exotic smoking choices, one that holds a lot of advantages over some of the more negative-themed smoking alternatives. It's non-addictive, legal, and has no negative side effects or failed drug test that have been reported anywhere. So, whether you're a smoker or a toker, you are going to be totally amazed with the taste, aroma and potency of our legal buds and herbal smoke blends.

Big Head Shops has been providing out of the ordinary "herbal smoking blends" for over 14 years. Our smoke products really work and are extremely satisfying. Our smoking blends are completely tobacco and nicotine free, but offer a smoking experience that stimulates the senses, rich with aroma and flavor.

They also helps you stop smoking naturally.


We only produce natural products that will be around after regulation and the banning of synthetic chemicals in other incense blends. All products works great rolled up like a joint, smoked from a pipe, a herbal vaporizer, a water pipe, a bong or a smoking hookah.Default.

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Cheap rolling papers canada

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**Sadly, this will be the last serial number release for the VGP label as we know it. Too Bad for fans** "Satisfaction Guaranteed" (VGP .

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