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Cologne business plan

In Premium a light meal is included An older Thalys type at Brussels Midi Thalys offers 3 classes of travel as from December You will choose your class when buying your ticket.

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But no longer any at-seat food or drink included. Tips for travel with Thalys Do you need to book in advance? Like Eurostar, reservation is compulsory on Thalys and all Thalys tickets automatically include a reserved seat on a specific train. If you want to stop off it means buying two separate tickets.

Thalys fares work like air fares, rising as the cheaper tickets are sold. So book as far ahead as you can. Booking usually opens days before departure, although it can sometimes be less than this.

How to buy tickets.

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Which class should you choose? Thalys call 2nd class Standard and it's perfectly fine for most people, there's absolutely no need to pay for 1st class if you don't want to. A face-to-face table for two is cologne business plan for couples.

cologne business plan

The train could enter service either way round, so it's not possible to specify forward-facing seats on Thalys as the reservation system doesn't know which seats will face which way. But this is not a big deal on a smooth-riding train. Indeed, for a couple or a family, face-to-face seats around a table for 4 or a table for 2 are the best and most convivial option.

Click here for Thalys seat numbering plan.

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Each Thalys train has 8 cars sandwiched between power cars, but sometimes two Thalys units run coupled together so cars can be numbered in the first unit and in the second. You take your bags with you onto the train and put them on the big racks near the entrance doors, or in the spaces between the seat backs, or on the overhead rack above your seat which will take anything up to backpack-size.

All luggage must be labelled with your name. Politely remind staff this is a train, not a plane! More information about luggage arrangements on European trains.

Left luggage lockers at stations. As with most European trains, there's no check-in, you just walk into the station, look at the indicator boards to find your train and get on, any time before it leaves. Doors may be closed a minute or two before departure. It should only take a couple of minutes, but when joining Thalys in Paris or Lille it's best to arrive at least minutes before your train.

It's largely security theatre to reassure passengers, there are no similar checks at other stations, other than a possible ID check in Brussels which may take a few minutes.

There is WiFi on all Thalys trains, now free of charge in all classes. Baby changing facilities are available in car 7, 17 or Children under 12 are no longer allowed to travel alone on Thalys trains.

Free transfer by local train between Brussels stations: Midi, Central, Nord, LuxembourgCologne (English: / k ə ˈ l oʊ n /; German: Köln, pronounced (listen), Ripuarian: Kölle (listen)) is the largest city of Germany's most populous federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, and its 1,, () inhabitants make it the fourth most populous city in Germany after Berlin, Hamburg, and largest city on the Rhine, it is also the most populous city both of the Rhine.

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The Dorint Hotel Köln on Heumarkt is only a few minutes' walk from the Cathedral and Old Town and is ideally suited for conferences and business travelers.

The Leonardo Hotel Köln welcomes its guests in a prime location close to the city centre of Cologne. Discover the Rhine culture and explore the attractive city centre of Cologne, which is conveniently accessible by public transport in just a few minutes.

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