Congressional oversight its functions and criticism

Introduction During the election, politicians clamored to brag about how much they were going to cut spending. Citizens Against Government Waste CAGW has been exposing earmarks in the Congressional Pig Book sinceand publishing a comprehensive database of recommendations to consolidate and terminate wasteful and inefficient programs in Prime Cuts since The publication of Critical Waste Issues for the th Congress is intended to be a more concentrated list of some of the important proposals that CAGW believes will result in a smaller and more efficient government. From agricultural subsidies to telecommunications reform, Critical Waste Issues for the th Congress details 16 policy areas that require immediate attention, along with a chapter on the need for greater accountability and transparency.

Congressional oversight its functions and criticism

The little-noticed provision in a defense policy bill is opposed by the Trump administration and senior lawmakers from both parties, but efforts to scrap it have not overcome resistance from staffers on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

At issue in the Senate-approved bill is whether the National Nuclear Security Administration remains under the direct control of the Energy Department, where it's been since its creation in Aaron Mehta The bill would empower that agency to act nearly on its own, freed from what a report by the Senate committee calls a "flawed DOE organizational process" that has led to "weak accountability The White House said in a statement that the bill would block the energy secretary from directing civil and national security functions at the agency and "degrade" the secretary's ability to protect the health, safety and security of employees and the public.

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Thanks for signing up. By giving us your email, you are opting in to our Newsletter: A Perry spokeswoman, Shaylyn Hynes, called the plan "misguided" and said it would "weaken national security efforts by limiting DOE's critical role in managing America's nuclear weapons capabilities.

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The leaders of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee said the plan was "a major step backward. Murkowski and Cantwell supported Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, as he tried unsuccessfully to remove the provision during Senate debate on the defense bill last month.

A later Cruz effort also failed on procedural grounds. Criticism of the nuclear agency isn't new. A congressional commission led by a former Army undersecretary and retired Navy admiral concluded in that it had failed in its mission and relied too heavily on private contractors that had turned it into a massive jobs program with duplicative functions and a "dysfunctional management and operations relationship.

A Senate aide familiar with the reorganization plan contended it was "a straight-up power grab" by staffers at the nuclear agency and the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Agency staffers, frustrated by delays that occur as the Energy Department's general counsel and other officials review their work, took their case to Senate committee staffers, according to the aide, who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to discuss internal deliberations.

The committee chairman, Sen. In its staff-written report, the committee said the proposal was not "an indictment of the current Energy secretary" but rather an effort to "address a number of structural impediments" that have "damaged the NNSA's ability to carry out its mission.

Jack Reed, the committee's top Democrat. Spokesmen for the chairman of House Armed Services, Rep. Adam Smith of Washington, also declined comment.

Congressional oversight its functions and criticism

Perry told Congress earlier this year that there have been "historically questionable expenditures of dollars" on the MOX project and other NNSA contracts, but said officials were working to ensure taxpayers "are getting a good return on our investment.failures with respect to the major functions of Congress: lawmaking (including the raising and spending money for governmental purposes), oversight, deliberation, and representation.

iii Who has the correct perception, the American public or the political. The defense subcommittee, however, retains its authority to report the bill to the full committee.

Congressional oversight its functions and criticism

67 67 Frederick M. Kaiser, Congressional Oversight of Intelligence: Current Structure and Alternatives, CRS Report RL, Congressional Research Service, 16 September , p Feb 25,  · Congressional ire at the Fed has been boiling for months, driven by such factors as the Fed's role in a series of bailouts, its regulatory failures that contributed to the financial crisis and its.

· Debates concerning the functions, powers and effectiveness of Congress in legislation, oversight and the power of the purse Yes · Party system and committee system and their significance within Congress. The Oversight Function of Congress Investigation Congressional oversight is the review, monitoring, and supervision of federal agencies, programs, activities, and .


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