Dangerous occupation

Sometimes, certain injuries make it difficult to return to work. This might only be a temporary situation, but depending on your line of work and the extent of your injuries, it could be permanent. While there is no way to always predict for certain whether a particular job would be a dangerous, based on past statistics and accident reports, some of the following occupations tend to be the most hazardous:

Dangerous occupation

Dangerous occupation

Not only is logging the most dangerous profession in America, accounting for deaths perindividuals, loggers are paid poorly for taking such big risks, according to FinancesOnlinea web site that looked at Bureau of Labor Statistics data to Dangerous occupation the nation's most dangerous professions and their average wages.

It's worth noting that the professions you'd expect to be dangerous -- police and firefighting -- don't make the top Instead, the government reports that the most lethal activity is "transportation. Of course, there are far more people engaged in professions that require time on the road, ranging from salesmen and truckers to taxi drivers, than there are people felling trees, so the per capita death rate by driving is smaller even though the total number of deaths is far greater.

The government data also indicates that it's far safer to be at work today than it was 10 years ago. Dangerous occupationsome 6, people died on the job, compared with just 4, in Aside from transportation-related deaths, the second most common cause of death at work is violence, accounting for deaths in Getting hit, crushed or caught in machinery and other objects accounted for deaths, while falls, slips and trips were the fourth leading cause of workplace fatalities, accounting for deaths.

The nation's most fatal state is Texas, where there were work-related deaths in With a total population of California, the nation's most populous state with 38 million residents, ranks second in total number of work-related deaths, with deaths inaccording to government data.

That's up from in What are the nation's most deadly professions? However, on a per capita basis, it was the safest of the 10 most deadly professions, accounting for just 9. However, subsets within this category are far more lethal. Construction laborers, who are working with power tools and in environments where they are likely to get struck with heavy materials, accounted for deaths, which adds up to a per capita death rate of Average wage for construction laborers: Farmers and ranchers accounted for work-related deaths inwhich adds up to But it is worth noting that risks vary dramatically based on the type of farming that's done.

You are far more likely to die on a cattle ranch deaths in than a wheat farm 5 deaths. Drivers, including traveling sales people File. It's worth mentioning that this death rate is nearly seven times higher than the average fatal injury rate in all professions, which is just 3. Is the pay worth the risk?

Working with live wires is dangerous enough. However, as crews in the sub-zero temperatures could attest, those repairing electric lines are often sent out during the worst weather conditions, when winter storms have felled power poles and ripped power lines away from their anchors.

The chance of death in this profession is 23 in , making it the nation's seventh most deadly occupation.

International Hazard Datasheets on Occupations (HDO)

Refuse and recyclable material collectors File. What makes this such a dangerous profession? A lot of driving, for one thing.

But also exposure to hazardous materials and heavy equipment.America's riskiest occupations entail having to cope with a range of physical and mental risks 10 of the most dangerous jobs.

Prev. logging is the most dangerous occupation in the United. Watch video · High rates of workplace fatalities kept those occupations atop the latest list of America’s most dangerous jobs, according to the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, released this week.

Name A Dangerous Occupation Which Probably Shouldn’t Observe “Take Your Kids To Work Day.” Show Answer The answer(s) to this question may not be complete, please help to improve. Cross-referencing the jobs tracked in the Jobs Rated report with U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Center for Disease Control (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and various trade organization data, we found that the 10 most dangerous jobs in cover different industries: healthcare, transportation, civil service agriculture and construction.

Sep 21,  · Yet occupations with the highest risk of death are not always the ones you hear about. The chart below shows data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the 20 most dangerous occupations. You're a lumberjack, but you might not be OK, because you work in the most dangerous occupation in America, with 45 more deaths per , workers than the armed forces.

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