Online masters degree no thesis

Plan I is designed for thesis work and requires prior approval, Plan II is designed for students who prefer not to write a thesis, and Plan III is designed for students who wish to concentrate in history, but who also wish to take other courses in a related field. Students may access online course work from anywhere with an Internet connection. The University of Nebraska — Kearney also provides links to Job Choices magazine and opportunities to meet alumni, job shadow, and attend career fairs.

Online masters degree no thesis

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Currently, there are universities with accredited MSW programs and an additional 12 schools that have online MSW degrees that are candidates for accreditation. Through our research, we have identified 34 schools that offer a CSWE-accredited MSW online and at least 13 schools that offer hybrid MSW degrees, which combine online and campus-based instruction.

For students who earned a Bachelor of Social Work from a CSWE-accredited undergraduate program, some graduate schools offer students the ability to enter an online Master of Social Work program as an advanced standing student.

Typically, advanced standing students are able to waive the first year of classes, which are also known as foundation classes at many institutions. From our research, there are 24 schools that currently offer advanced standing MSW programs online. Check out our Advanced Standing Online MSW Programs page for more information about these programs including admissions requirements and other restrictions.

Master of Social Work: Online Versus Hybrid Delivery Methods When researching online MSW graduate degrees, it is important to understand the different delivery methods that are being used by universities and how they impact students.

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We classify online programs into two categories: Online programs are further broken down by whether or not the program requires students to visit the campus during the program. Programs that require students to visit campus two or less times per year are still classified as online programs on OnlineMSWprograms.

As noted above, all online MSW programs have a field education component that requires students to work in a local health services agency during their schooling. Learn more about these programs including admissions requirements and other restrictions.

Several online MSW programs have geographic restrictions and do not accept students from all 50 states. Check out our Eligibility and Admission Requirements page for more information. As the classification suggests, these programs have classes that are entirely online and do not require students to travel to campus at all during the program.

These programs are especially convenient for students who have travel or financial restrictions and cannot be away from their home for any period during the year. As mentioned above, all online MSW programs still require students to complete field education at a local health services agency.

A small subset of schools that offer online graduate courses will require students to visit the campus a limited number of times during the program.

Based on our research, 8 out of the 34 online MSW programs have this requirement. The campus visits range from one visit, usually for a week or a weekend, during the entire length of the program to multiple visits per year.

Online programs with a campus requirement are clearly noted on the site. For students who want the convenience of classes online, but who would also like to meet and network with classmates and professors face-to-face, this type of program provides that option.

In addition, for some students, visiting the campus can help them connect more with the university. However, travel expenses are usually not covered with tuition costs and university fees, so there will be some additional expenses with these types of programs.

Online masters degree no thesis

Consequently, some of the programs classified as hybrid on OnlineMSWprograms. For simplicity, we have sorted hybrid degrees into two basic categories: Blended programs typically combine online and on-campus instruction in one of two ways: The term distance education has historically been used as a synonym for online education.

However, it appears that the majority of MSW programs that use this term have a similar format. This format involves on-site instruction at an off-site location. In many cases, the off-site location may be another college or university and classes are conducted using interactive television.

With synchronous learning, or meeting online together, a fully-online program can truly mimic the classroom. Hybrid programs are best for students who thrive off the in-class experience and need to physically be face-to-face with their professor.

Class Structures and Instruction Methods In addition to the different delivery methods described above, online MSW programs have different class structures and instruction methods.

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It is important to understand these differences when researching online degree programs, since they impact how and when students attend classes. The majority of online MSW programs use a cohort model where students are accepted into a specific class of students that proceed through the program together.

Schools that employ the cohort model typically have a set schedule of courses that must be followed in a specific order; otherwise, students can get out of sync as they proceed through the program. Programs that use a cohort model may still allow students to take elective courses, but they are typically taken during specific semesters.


MSW online programs with flexible course scheduling allow students to choose courses like a traditional undergraduate degree program. Individual courses may still have prerequisites, but there is no set structure where students must take a specific number of courses per session or semester.

Schools with this format usually set a limit on the number of years during which students must complete the degree program and graduate. One advantage of flexible scheduling is that students can vary their course load from semester to semester depending on how much time they have to pursue their degree during that time period.

A cohort model is best for students who are looking for consistency with their classmates.This article highlights the top 20 cheap MBA degrees online, including cost-per-credit information. (Master’s in Business Administration) Degree Programs Degree Finder. 1. 2 3. Sponsored Schools As an added bonus, you won’t have to take the GMAT to apply – or write a thesis to graduate!

Average Cost per Credit: $ Many online colleges and campus-based universities offer thesis and no-thesis options. Find out what might be the best master's degree program for you.

Thesis-phobia: Why Fear Shouldn't Stop You from Getting Your Master's Degree Home» Guide to Master's Degrees» Thesis-phobia: Why Fear Shouldn't Stop You from Getting Your Master's. What is the difference between doing a Master of Science degree with and without a thesis in the US?

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Online masters degree no thesis

ad by Toptal. Does a masters degree with thesis have more weightage than masters degree without thesis? What is the difference between doing a Master of Science degree with a thesis and with a science project?

The M.S. (online, non-thesis) is offered as an entirely online graduate degree program with an emphasis on the student who is already a practitioner in the field. The degree is focused on giving the student a solid foundation of the theoretical underpinnings of the field while also developing the.

Convenience and flexibility are the key advantages of the degree program that can be earned totally at a distance with no GRE, thesis, or final oral exam requirements. The Master of Engineering allows a student to put together his/her own degree plan that best meets his/her career or employment goals.

Online Degree Programs Texas A&M University-Commerce offers over 50% and, in some cases, entire degree programs, in an online format.

If you are looking to earn a degree and need to maintain a flexible schedule, below are degree programs that would be a great opportunity for you.

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