Pearl harbor keeping history alive

When you are driving from downtown Honolulu, take the H-1 freeway west and take the exit 15A, marked Arizona Memorial Stadium. The Zero on display has been restored with paint and markings identical to those on one that crashed on the Hawaiian island of Niihau. A highlight is a fully restored Japanese Zero — or Mitsubishi A6M2, for flying buffs — which at the outset of the war was considered the best carrier-based fighter on Earth. Crowds watch and take photos as John Maloney flies the Japanese Zero, the only operating original model of the plane in existence.

Pearl harbor keeping history alive

Dec 5, - 4: Nevada burns after being attacked on Dec. Lawrence resident Vincent Muirhead served on the Nevada that day.

Keeping Naval History Alive in Pearl Harbor:Submarine Bowfin | Naval Historical Foundation

He was Pearl harbor keeping history alive the USS Nevada. Dorwin Lamkin has a selection of caps he keeps by his door ready to wear.

Pearl harbor keeping history alive

Lamkin is one of a handful of Kansas survivors from the attack on Pearl Harbor. Maryland sits in front of the capsized U. Maryland fires on Tarawa, Japan, Dorwin Lamkin, of Mission, has a bumper sticker and specialty license plate on his Lincoln Towncar.

Muirhead had bought a new 8 mm Bell and Howell movie camera and wanted to try it out. As he and roommates were getting ready for breakfast, they heard loud noises. Dorwin Lamkin, 89, of Mission, who was a year-old hospital apprentice aboard the USS Nevada, has a similar memory of the start of the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor.

Lamkin had been up late the night before helping stitch up a sailor who got into a fight. I thought it was people working on the hull. Naval fleet in Hawaii. Muirhead and Lamkin are among a handful of living Kansans who can give firsthand accounts what happened that day. They are part of a dying breed who lived through both the shock of the initial attack and the aftermath and horror of seeing fellow sailors who had died or were injured.

Both men talked about not believing the initial news that they were under attack. So I picked up my shoes and ran to my battle station. A doctor had him search lockers nearby for gray pants and a shirt.

In total, 2, Americans lost their lives that Sunday morning, and the Japanese attackers sank or breached 12 ships and damaged nine others. On the Japanese side, 64 people died, and five ships sank while 29 planes were destroyed.

The USS Maryland was bombed. Four men died, although Muirhead was not hurt. The ship was eventually repaired and returned to action in the Japanese theater.

That was the major focus of the rescue mission, but more than sailors on the Oklahoma drowned. Muirhead today calls Pearl Harbor one of the worst days of his life. Lamkin also somberly talks about the tragedy. He remembers details very vividly, up to a point at least. But the ship was hit by bombs and began taking on water.

But a yard captain sent two tug boats that were able to push them out of the way. The ship sank controllably, and most of the crew was taken ashore where they spent days in tents.

The Navy says 50 officers and men were killed on the Nevada. Lamkin can recall helping move the wounded and trying to collect bodies.

Pearl harbor keeping history alive

The year-old young man from northern Wisconsin had never seen a dead person before that day. The Navy released the photo, and his aunt saw it in a Minneapolis paper.

The photo was the first notice his mother had that he was all right until receiving a short note two days later. Lamkin survived and then spent time in the Pacific on a cruiser before the Navy allowed him to attend Kansas University. He lettered in football at KU in and eventually returned to Lawrence to graduate in after one more tour in the Pacific.

Newsom was aboard a ship that arrived at Pearl Harbor two days later, on Dec. Still, Lamkin and Muirhead believe the aftermath of Pearl Harbor could have been worse had the Japanese not committed tactical errors. But he and other survivors in the Kansas City area still speak at schools and other events.Jul 25,  · Pearl Harbor You can read WWII history all of your life but until you are standing in the memorial looking at the names knowing the underwater tomb is below you-- nothing compares.

It was moving and hearing one of the last survivors speak was the highlight of our Oahu tourK TripAdvisor reviews.

The site of a major historical event is nearly always the best place to explore the story behind it – and that’s % accurate in the case of the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument. It’s difficult to forget what you learn from this tour of history, starting with a stop at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center.

Pearl Harbor - HISTORY

Dec 05,  · As number of Pearl Harbor veterans dwindles, area survivors hope to keep lessons of history alive News. Dec 5, - pm At Pearl Harbor, the Maryland was tied to the USS Oklahoma, which. The Pearl Harbor Survivors Association (PHSA), founded in and recognized by the United States Congress in , was a World War II veterans organization whose members were on Pearl Harbor or three miles or less offshore during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, on December 7, The PHSA was officially disbanded at the end .

Keeping History Alive/ Pearl Harbor “Yesterday, December 17, A date which will live in infamy—the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan” (Roosevelt).

These were the words spoken by the thirty-second president of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Keeping History Alive With World War II Aircraft service which includes his father who served in the 96th infantry during WW II and his uncle Art Denno who served at Pearl Harbor on December.

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