Perforated paper cross stitch

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Perforated paper cross stitch

Most of what is sold today is 14 count per inch, but perforated paper, invented around the s could be bought up to 28 count per inch. Perforated card-board or card work, as it was called then, was embroidered to create bookmarks, boxes, calendars, and many other items. Different color paper was available see belowsuch as silver, or even tinfoil, which was placed behind the perforated paper design to create a sparkle when it hit the light.

The use of paper allows the flexibility to create projects in different sizes and it is relatively easy to do! Most designs are created using simple cross-stitching techniques and use only a few supplies.

Perforated paper cross stitch

Cross design by Louisa Hasbrouck, Locust Lawn Collection My first introduction to perforated paper was several years ago when I was working at an extraordinary historic house called Locust Lawn. It is hard for me to express my feels for this house, because it is so inspiring!

From the letters and objects that were left behind by these sisters it allow you to step back in time to connect with these artistic creative women.

You not only can feel the loving bond between the sister, but also the typical sisterly frustrations. Many of the items in the household were marked with their names, which reminds me of my own childhood of growing up with four sisters. HasbrouckPetticoat, Locust Lawn Collection Similar to my sisters, the Hasbrouck girls were very creative they knit, drew, painted, embroidered, sewed, and wrote poems.

Many of the things my sisters and I are interested in! After seeing the perforated paper designs at Locust Lawn I began a journal of objects from museums huswifs, Spencer jackets, bandboxes, etc.

Love, Locust Lawn Collection My version of the Love perforated paper design from the Locust Lawn Collection To create your very own perforated paper design you will need the following supplies: Tapestry needle usually size 24 or 26 Embroidery floss, cotton, 2 strands Scissors Silk ribbon optional No Hoop Necessary!

Many of the designs created by the Hasbrouck sisters were on 26 to 28 count per inch perforated paper, therefore when you create your design it will be somewhat larger. Hopefully someone will start making different size perforated paper! First determine the correct size of your perforated paper by counting the amount of holes along the height and width.

Cut the paper to that specific size. I copy and enlarge the pattern so I can write on it, which is useful while you make your design.

Keep in mind if you want a smaller or wider border around your design be sure to figure that out before you cut. If you have the same size perforated paper per inch as the design you can just measure.

Next decide where you would like to begin your design. Most cross-stitch patterns tell you to begin in the center of the design, but that is not necessary here.

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I usually start with the color that will be used the most and try to begin on an edge. After you have determined where you will begin, thread your needle. Pull the needle through the hole leaving a 1 inch tail and stitch the next 5 to 6 stitches over the tail to secure.

Clip off the excess. Follow these steps to end off as well. Do not use knots they will show through the back.

Many of the designs will require you to either carry the thread or end off and start again. I jumped from one area to another, and unfortunately the thread was visible requiring me to go back and fix several areas.

For finishing touches you can sew ribbon to the back of the perforated paper see photographswhich makes beautiful bookmarks. Cross design, Locust Lawn Collection. Ribbon has been attached to both ends to create a bookmark.

Wreath design, Back, Locust Lawn Collection.

Perforated paper cross stitch

Covered with silk ribbon to give it more of a finished look. Perforated paper box dated "Dec. Demarest - October 10th. This is a great example of how much larger the design is. If anyone knows of a place where I can buy different size perforated paper I would love to know!

Perpetual calendars are so neat, but that is for another post! The Holidays are right around the corner and perforated paper designs make great bookmarks and ornaments.

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