Reflection on personal understanding of human resource management

The course focuses on managing the early growth of newly established businesses, and covers the needs of businesses. The course employs theoretical concepts and models from an international business perspective and is designed to help students to develop their own leadership potential in preparation for managerial roles.

Reflection on personal understanding of human resource management

HRM is a strategic part in the organizational achievement of the company.

Human Knowledge: Foundations and Limits

HR department major daily tasks are planning and alignment, staffing, preparing compensation offers and to shape, outline and define the culture of the organization. HRM process which purpose is to attract, retain, and motive is made up of eight main practices which include HR planning, job analysis and design, recruitment, selection, performance appraisal, training and development, compensation, and benefits.

There are numerous laws and regulations set to help employees have equality and industry unity. Labor relations maintain a relationship between those in unionized work and management concerning working conditions.

Organizations must impose health and safety regulations and strictly practice them in order to prevent industry related accidents which are adversely impacting the economy due to more occupational illnesses and fatalities that are reported each year. HR is an ongoing process that attempts to achieve and ensure the best fit between employees and position that needs to be filled while maintaining the sanctity of the organization.

I know the company I work for, at the end of the yard when we sit down and plan for what is needed for the upcoming year we have to try and take in account for everything that will be needed. It takes time to train workers well enough to run a job on their own, so it takes good planning in order to hire potential workers that will be qualified enough to learn how to fulfill the needs and requirements to execute the upcoming projects.

Job analysis and job design provide the foundation for effective recruitment, selection, training, performance management, and compensation. The purpose for job analysis is to create a clear understanding of what duties, skills, and capabilities are necessary to complete the job requirements.

Job design focuses on structuring particular jobs in such a way that it attracts those who might suit it, as well as enhance job satisfaction, and meet the needs of the company. Once a year my employer has each employee write down all the job functions they perform.

The managers, then either let them retain their job functions or takes some away to incorporate a new position. Since employees are considered the most valuable asset of a company it is essential to attract qualified workers to be able to sustain the organizations competitiveness.

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HR must be able to attract candidates through internal sources and external sources via advertising, employment agencies, online, school boards, temp agencies, and direct hire. During recruitment a business has to try and differentiate between potential workers who will possess the job skills needed to perform adequately and those who do not, but while doing so it is crucial for the company to adhere to all the laws and regulations implemented by the government.

Reflection on personal understanding of human resource management

A company must administer Equal Employment Opportunities EEO to those who apply, which means in no way should an employer base a candidates skill on their ethnic background, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or age.

During the recruitment process, affirmative action policies make it a requirement that employers show initiative in hiring a diverse pool of applicants to fill positions available. We have a diverse pool of applicants that come and apply with my company.

Most of the applicants will get hired regardless of their race, nationality or age, the best factor that prohibits one from getting hired on is language barrier.

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Selecting the right employee to fill a position is one of the most challenging decision making processes a company has to make. The ultimate goal of employee selection is to hire the candidate who is most compatible not only with the organization but for the position that they are trying to fill.

In order for the candidate to be successful in a particular position, their talents and personal goals must be taken into consideration and objectives need to be utilized in order to retain qualified individuals.The primary objective of the course is to equip you with the tools and skills necessary to develop ideas, to lead and to manage organisational human resource management activities across corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors, and in small, medium and large scale enterprises.

Human resource management Introduction Human resource management (HRM) incorporates various functions. The primary function of HRM is to increase the effectiveness and contribution of employees in the attainment of the goals and objectives of the organization.

There are many areas in which HRM can be applied to help in this .

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