Social factors of alton towers

We have provided the good citizens of Nottingham and the surrounding area with exemplary service for many years and regularly receive fabulous feedback from customers who have had a smashing day out in one of our vehicles. Knowledgeable staff that are good with people are crucial to any customer-facing business and these two factors are at the core of our recruiting strategy. Our trained customer service agents really do put the customer first and spend time making sure they book the best vehicle for their group.

Social factors of alton towers

It is likely to be one of the first 2 on the list!

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Research the different types and you could produce a table from your research see example below, but you should create your own! Task 4 3 hours You now need to produce a presentation for your business model. This could be in the style of a Dragons Den 'pitch', using PowerPoint or similar to support your presentation.

It must include the following information a slide for each one ; Your business idea The Unique selling point USP The type of business Sole trader, Ltd, Partnership, Franchise and why you have chosen this type.

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When this is complete you need to book a presentation slot with the teacher. Task 5 hours Prepare a realistic initial plan for a business idea suitable for the local area.

Think of a list of business ideas suitable for the local area. The ideas should be realistic and meet relevant criteria to include information on: The plan should state what needs to be done, when by, how it will be done, and by whom i.

Social factors of alton towers

This document helps you to identify what is needed in your business plan and sets out the layout for a business plan. Remember the more detail you include the better the grade will be.

Social factors of alton towers

If you use this plan you will need to do tasks 6 and 7 as well for a distinction.World’s apart. In the UK, an eminent fellow opines over the future of Alton Towers’ fated rollercoaster.

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Customer Service at Alton Towers I am going to be writing about the customer service in Alton Towers, and factors that would affect the customer service. Social Factors Social factors refer to the changes in the lifestyle, behavior, attitudes and .

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