Why now

First, Britain is currently weak on the world stage. While it is hard to admit this, virtually every relationship it has is in tatters. Every month or two, a leadership challenge is heard whispering in the wings.

Why now

Notes may be archived: Administrator Charles Bolden, Jr. Because people are dying. Because Why now are on the verge of real breakthroughs. Because the more work we do today, the more lives we save tomorrow.

Today we can work together in new ways to design more efficient clinical studies capable of providing new opportunities for patient participation while answering complex questions more quickly and with improved precision. Using nanotechnology will increase our ability to visualize and treat cancers at their earliest signs of development.

Likewise, leveraging the advances in proteogenomic science with our data systems will help us to detect and target specific cancer treatment to optimize health outcomes.

We have seen patients increase their ability to manage stress, as well as their physical and emotional pain when they expressed themselves through the arts; which in turn, has given patients more personal control during treatment.

Advances arising from the Human Genome Project have taught us much. Some patients are now responding dramatically to this new generation of cancer therapies, and our goal is to make such powerful treatments available for all kinds of cancer.

Biologists, physical and computer scientists, and engineers and more are coming together to provide important new perspectives, and these interdisciplinary teams are exploring the use of systems and synthetic biology to advance cancer research and treatment.

As we seek to fully realize the potential of new technologies and biomedical innovations, the Cancer Moonshot will open the doors to collaboration across agencies and the private sector.

The work of the Cancer Moonshot brings a heightened focus on the opportunity to prevent many types of cancer from occurring in the first place. After decades of effort, we are in a better position today than ever before to promote innovation, catalyze new breakthroughs in science and technology, form new partnerships between stakeholders, jumpstart research and treatment, and ultimately, end cancer.

The Cancer Moonshot represents the best of America: These include extraordinary progress in immunotherapy, genomics, proteomics, microbiomes, big data, machine learning, and electronic health records.

Why now

The potential of combining these advances presents an irresistible opportunity. But far too many people still suffer from the disease, and we must address the many challenges that still face patients and their loved ones.

We have the opportunity to create a new chapter of progress in the fight against cancer by redoubling our efforts and working together, ultimately reducing the likelihood of people developing cancer and to improving the lives of patients who do develop it.

Today we have an unprecedented opportunity to advance the best science needed to make gains in preventing, diagnosing, and treating cancer and we are more prepared than ever to achieve the Cancer Moonshot mission.

Already we have seen progress in immunotherapy, genomics, proteomics, microbiomes, big data, machine learning, and electronic health records.At Monmouth University, everyone and everything is on the rise.

Working closely with distinguished faculty, students are getting the attention and support they need to prepare for the road ahead.

In fact, this strong, personalized education continues to lead students. by Bryan In any celebration of Labor Day I’m at a slight disadvantage because for a big chunk of my life it was celebrated as May Day where I was living.

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LOW INTEREST RATE Compared to the past, the interest rate has reached an . We believe that the Administration's recent focus on trade is appropriate and its desire to overhaul existing trade arrangements, especially with China, is a cause worth championing.

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